About Us

Dear guests,

nice that you with us vorbeischaut here on the page.

We are the new concept on the sinful mile of the well-known Reeperbahn in St. Pauli.

Here in the price club we guarantee real sex at reasonable prices in a clean establishment with pretty and neat ladies.

Like it can also advance at the bar a drink and certainly probably one by one hot sex for cooling and this in turn too miserly prices.

Do not worry, here in our house, it is up to you whether you take the places in the house to complete.

Those in a hurry or not thirsty, is received up by our staff, then we face successively short with you before and you get looking the lady of your choice from, talk to her and agrees ye and off you go.

We would be pleased to meet you personally here to convince you of our concept, so that you then again, if you like verspürst whether morning, evening or night find to us in the price club.
The Lady
Work all independently and on their own account.

The Model-Sedcard

Not all styles shown here are always in the club, they are alternating with us there.






Phone: 040-23936163

Opening times:

Mon - Fri 12: 00-03: 00
Wed - Thu 12: 00-05: 00
Fri 12: 00-07: 00
Sat 14: 00-07: 00
Sun 14: 00-03: 00